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CPA FAR Exam Review 900 Notes

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This is the perfect way to expand your knowledge in accounting rules and IFRS on the Go, and to prepare your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. Thru this app you will easily & smoothly learn the basic and advanced issues of financial accounting reporting.
Get the prestigious CPA certification and become a Public accountant. This app is perfect start with +900 study notes, Quiz and exam tips, & guarantee higher score in the FAR exam.
This application allows you to expand your knowledge, widen your expertise, improve your skills, Broaden your career & academic horizons.
This app contains +900 financial accounting & reporting study notes, to prepare your CPA exam easily & smoothly and ensure better understanding of financial & accounting concepts & guarantee higher score in the exam.
This app is suitable also for CFA, CTP, CFP , CIA, CMA, IFRS, ACCA, CA and all finance, accounting & banking candidates.
This app contains the following chapters:00- Brief IFRS Glossary1">1-1 Accounting Standards and Conceptual Frameworks2">1-2 Income Statement3">1-3 Comprehensive Income4">1-4 Balance Sheet and Disclosures Overview5">1-5 Interim Financial Statements6">1-6 Segment Reporting7">1-7 Development-Stage Enterprises U.S.GAAP 8">1-8 First-Time Adoption of IFRS9">1-9 SEC Reporting Requirements10">2-1 Timing Issues: Matching of Revenue and Expenses, Correcting and Adjusting Accounts11">2-2 Long-Term Construction Contracts12">2-3 Accounting for Installment Sales13">2-4 Accounting for Nonmonetary Exchanges14">2-5 Financial Reporting and Changing Prices15">2-6 Foreign Currency Accounting16">2-7 Other Financial Statement Presentations17">3-1 Marketable Securities18">3-2 Business Combinations / Consolidations19">3-3 Cost Method20">3-4 Equity Method and Joint Ventures21">3-5 Consolidated Financial Statements22">3-6 Acquisition Method23">3-7 Intercompany Transactions24">3-8 Combined Financial Statements/Push Down Accounting25">4-1 Working Capital And Its Components26">4-2 Inventories27">4-3 Fixed Assets28">4-4 Depreciable Assets And Depreciation29">4-5 Fixed Asset Impairment30">4-6 Appendix I: Other Inventory Cost Flow Assumptions31">5-1 Present Values and Annuities32">5-2 Accounting for Leases33">5-3 Long-Term Liabilities and Bonds Payable34">6-1 Pension Plans35">6-2 Postretirement Benefits Other Than Pensions36">6-3 Other Deferred Compensation and Benefits37">6-4 Accounting for Income Taxes38">7-1 Stockholders' Equity39">7-2 Earnings Per Share40">7-3 Statement of Cash Flows41">7-4 Appendix I: Ratio Analysis42">8-1 Governmental Accounting Overview43">8-2 Modified Accrual Accounting44">8-3 Governmental Funds45">8-4 Proprietary Funds46">8-5 Fiduciary Funds47">9-1 Governmental Accounting48">Taking Multiple Choice Exams49">Multiple Choice Exams Tips50">Memorization Techniques The good news is that this app is suitable for commerce and business postgraduate and MBA students, its also suitable good news for professionals and experienced people who haven’t time to study IFRS or Accounting.
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the title of qualified accountants in numerous countries in the English-speaking world. In the United States they will have passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination and have met additional state education and experience requirements for membership in their respective professional accounting bodies and certification as a CPA. Individuals who have passed the Exam but have not either accomplished the required on-the-job experience or have previously met it but in the meantime have lapsed their continuing professional education are, in many states, permitted the designation "CPA Inactive" or an equivalent phrase.